Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nicki Minaj Kicks Boyfriend To The Curb -- There's Only Room For 1 Star

Nicki Minaj has a message for her ex ... if you didn't wanna be a superstar so damn bad, you'd still be sleeping in my bed.

Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ ... Nicki cut the relationship off -- after 14 years -- because he became uncontrollably jealous of her success ... success he wanted for himself.

We're told Nicki and Safaree had an arrangement -- she's the breadwinner and he's the backup singer/hype man/personal assistant. But we're told Safaree was getting sick of being in the background and had become increasingly hostile ... an emotion she reciprocated.

We hear the final straw was when Safaree didn't show up recently to one of Nicki's shows, leaving her scrambling for a hype man. She confronted him and he went crazy.

Kanye West REALLY Loves Kim Kardashian! He Gushes Over Her On Her Birthday!

Kim Kardashian's 34th birthday was quite the occasion!

Friends and family hopped onto the world wide web to announce just how excited they are that the reality TV princess is alive. See below for tweets. 

Though no Kimmy fan was as enthusiastic as her man, Kanye West.

In common Kanye fashion, the outrageous rapper made sure everyone knew how much he loves his baby mama with a lonnnggg string of tweets.

Kanye wrote:

“Still Love You No Matter What” Wiz Khalifa Wishes Amber Rose Happy Birthday And She Responds

I don’t know what it is about Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose but I really believed in their love. A part of me was really shocked and hurt to hear that they were getting a divorce.

And as anyone whose been through a breakup knows, when you really love someone, you don’t get over them overnight. It’s clear with these two that the love is still there. Wiz just couldn’t keep it in his pants and Amber couldn’t tolerate the disrespect anymore. Which is so very sad really.

Omarion Responds To Break-Up And Paternity Drama Rumors

A photo posted by Mr O (@1omarion) on

So apparently there were rumors that Omarion and his girlfriend, Apryl Jones, have been experiencing relationship trouble since the birth of their son, Megaa. It’s unclear where the rumors began, but folks were speculating that the two have been at each other’s throats because there were questions about who Megaa’s “real” father is.

According to The YBF, rumors suggest that it was Omarion’s mother, Leslie, who first began questioning the paternity of the infant, arguing that the baby looks nothing like O. It’s also alleged that Leslie accused Apryl of stepping out on her son with an ex-boyfriend, who is Mexican. According to the rumors, when Leslie and O demanded a paternity test, Apryl refused, which is why they broke up.

Tyrese Gibson Blasts Comedian For Calling Him Gay ... You're Done in This Town! (Full Story)

Tyrese Gibson went nuclear on the comedian who dared to drop some ridiculous casting couch accusations and safe to say, the comedian will NOT be laughing at this videotaped response but you will ... 'cause it's awesome.

The comedian, Spanky Hayes claims he was beaten out for the lead in "Baby Boy" because Tyrese performed sexual favors for director John Singleton.

Tyrese recorded a rebuttal to Spanky, and the hysterical theme of it is ... "You know you done f**ked up, right?"

Gym Teacher, 24, Busted For Having Sex With 16-Year-Old Student Dozens Of Times Including Trysts At School

  • Megan Mahoney, 24, was facing 30 counts of statutory rape for the incidents - some of which took place at the school on Staten Island
  • Mahoney had engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with the boy at least twice a week
  • The former gym teacher could face up to four years in jail for each felony

Blac Chyna Reveals Her Shapely Booty In A Sheer Bodysuit At Amber Rose's Birthday Party

Halloween may still be over a week away, but the stars were out in force in their finest fancy dress gear for Amber Rose's birthday party.

Model Blac Chyna certainly stole the show with her eye-popping costume that left little to the imagination.

The curvaceous star dressed as a naughty nun as she attended the surprise costume birthday party in Los Angeles on Monday, but she took the theme to another level as she sported a sheer bodysuit with barely anything covering her shapely derriere.

Jaden Smith Won't Stop Being Weird

So this is Jaden Smith's brand new music video for his song "Blue Ocean," with vocals by Willow Smith, directed by massive creeper Moises Arias, and featuring (and possibly inspired by) none other than Kylie Jenner

It's a lot to take in for sure, but you're going to want to push through. Because it's that bizarre. But let's go ahead and get to the real meat of the issue, which is this: is Jaden Smith in unrequited love with Kylie Jenner?

Horrifying Moment A LIVE Inch-Long Moth And A Tick Are Pulled Out From A Man's Ear

  • Man is seen lying on the ground shouting in pain as a moth flew into his ear
  • Friends find a tick buried in his ear canal too and remove it with tweezers
  • Moth is more difficult to pull out as it flutters and buries itself further down
  • They eventually manage to remove it and an inch-long live moth is revealed
  • Video of the uncomfortable moment is posted online

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kris Jenner Clears Up Rumors About Bruce Jenner's Transformation, Talks Divorce

Family first. Kris Jenner stopped by the Today show on Monday, Oct. 20, to promote her new cookbook In the Kitchen with Kris, but spent the time with Hoda Kotb talking about her famous daughters and her family.

Jenner, 58, is releasing In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites, on Tuesday, Oct. 21, debuting a series of personal recipes and entertainment tips. While she also joined Kotb for a cooking segment, she dedicated much of her on-camera time to discussions of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

The book is dedicated to Jenner's loved ones, but does not mention her estranged husband Bruce Jenner.

Nicki Minaj Shows Major Cleavage in GQ, Says "Anaconda" Is "Cheeky"

Nicki Minaj says "Anaconda" is cheeky ... no, not in that way. 

The singer graces the pages of the November issue of GQ, where she explains the real meaning behind her bootylicious track. 

"I don’t know what there is to really talk about," she tells the mag of her super-sexy music video. "I’m being serious. I just see the video as being a normal video." 

The rapper insists that there's no hidden meaning behind the song or the video. "I think the video is about what girls do. Girls love being with other girls, and when you go back to us being younger, we would have slumber parties and we’d be dancing with our friends." she explains. 

Kylie Jenner & Tyga Spotted Together In France – New Pics

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are taking their close friendship across the Atlantic! The pair was spotted in France together on Oct. 18 and we’ve got the pics! Was their trip just a quick getaway or are they working on new music?

We guess dinner dates in Los Angeles weren’t enough for Kylie Jenner, 17, and Tyga, 24! The friends were pictured hanging out together at an airport in France. So, what could have brought Kylie and Tyga across the globe to France? where it just so happens the age of consent would be more favorable for them to .

Kylie and Tyga, were spotted together at England's Gatwick Airport on Friday ... then traveled on to Bordeaux, France and Geneva, Switzerland ... before landing in Athens, Greece where Tyga had a gig Sunday night. Kylie and Tyga looked casual, with Kylie wearing a white tank top and backwards baseball cap.

Tyga Responds To An Instagram Comment Regarding Him & Kylie Jenner’s Rumored Relationship

Enough is enough… 

Alright, just about everyone is sick of the Tyga and Kylie Jenner rumors. Tyga had already addressed the issue back in September via Twitter saying “DON’T BELIEVE THE RUMORS.” We don’t have to mention the age difference between the two but Tyga and ex Blacc China have been friends friends with Jenner/Kardashian family for quite some time. Bottom line, you never mention someone’s child, and this particular instagrammer did just that. Tyga fired back at @smartchik78 when she commented this under a pic of Tyga and his son:

TI Prank A Group Of Fans In Footaction

See, the way that their accounts were set up… 

That moment you get hustled by T.I., live on camera, yup, its as funny as it sounds. T.I. teamed up with Footaction to take a few fans on a shopping spree throughout the store. They were styled by the rapper who pretty much just helped them throw it in a bag. But here’s the catch, the fans think the tab is being fronted by T.I., of course. Because who in their right mind would blow $10,000 in Footaction on Nike, Jordans, snapbacks and Hustle Gang gear? The unsuspecting shoppers make their way to the register only to realize T.I. is M.I.A.

Stevie Wonder’s Wife Responds To Rumors That He’s Expecting Triplets With 25-Year-Old Finacee -

Though Stevie Wonder filed for divorce from his estranged wife, Kai Millard Morris, in 2012, nothing has been finalized. So they’re technically still married.

This, of course, makes reports that Stevie may be expecting triplets with his 25-year-old fianceé even messier.

For whatever reason, Kai felt compelled to comment on the rumors. According to a statement released by her publicist, she isn’t very concerned with what her estranged husband (and father to her sons) chooses to do with his life. Her statement reads: