Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blind Auditions On The Voice Gain New Meaning As First Sightless Singer Performs On Hit NBC Show And Turns All Four Chairs

The blind audition rounds of The Voice took on a new meaning on Monday with the show’s first blind singer.

Nigerian-born Blessing Offor, 25, blew away all four judges who turned to try to get him on their teams after his stunning rendition of the Bill Withers soul classic Just the Two of Us.

And after he admitted that he could not see the judges, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine happily told him: ‘I got some good news for you man — we all turned around!’

‘Oh shoot!’ replied Blessing, who was born blind in one eye and then lost sight in the other when he was accidentally shot by a water pistol, detaching his retina.

Despite his soul sound, Blessing had entered the competition determined to wind up on Blake Shelton’s team as he has spent time living in Nashville to connect with songwriters there.

EXCLUSIVE: Andre 3000 Feels Like A 'Lucky Man' For Playing Jimi Hendrix In New Biopic

Andre Benjamin doesn’t consider himself an actor.

But his breakout performance as rock legend Jimi Hendrix in the new biopic Jimi: All Is By My Side, has critics showering the star – best known as Andre 3000 from the rap duo Outkast – with superlatives such as “spellbinding” “stunning” and “uncanny.” The movie opened this past weekend in select theaters.

“I feel like a very lucky man. I don’t do a lot of acting,” Benjamin, 39, says at a Los Angeles press junket that included the film’s writer, director and executive producer John Ridley. “I put my all into it. You don’t have to be an actor to act. You don’t have to be a musician to make great music. If it comes along and you put your all into it, the outcome is what’s important.”

Jimi: All Is By My Side follows Hendrix’s ascension to stardom from 1966-67, the year before he became an internationally beloved rock god thanks to his career defining turn at the Monterey Pop Festival. To prepare for the role, Benjamin, whose film credits include Idlewild and Semi-Pro, spent months watching and listening to endless footage of Hendrix. The already slender vegan also went on a strict diet to capture Hendrix’s wiry physique, enjoyed mini-dates with his on-screen love interests for believable chemistry and worked with a vocal coach to transform his Georgian twang into the laidback Seattle cadence the rocker had.

Steve Harvey Close To Tears During Interview with Michael Brown's Mother

Michael Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden appears on the next episode of Steve Harvey to talk about how her family is coping with their loss.

“Have you found comfort in anything?” asks Harvey.

“Prayer, and my other children,” says McSpadden, who lost her son this summer in Ferguson, Missouri.

Harvey also invited a clinical psychologist on to the show to discuss how to overcome grief. Tune in to Steve Harvey tomorrow, Tuesday, September 30.

Tyler Perry Confirms He's Going To Be A Dad

Tyler Perry is going to be a dad!

The actor and director confirmed that he is expecting his first child with girlfriend of five years, Gelila Bekele.

Perry reportedly announced that he was having a baby to his guests during his 45th birthday party at his home in Atlanta on Monday, Sept. 2. But Perry had not made a formal public Statement.

The ‘Single Mom’ director was asked about the rumor on Friday at the opening night of the New York Film Festival for the film, "Gone Girl", Perry responded by confirming happily.

"Good, good. We're good. Very happy. She's excited, I'm excited so we're very happy," Perry told The Associated Press.

Congratulations to Tyler and Gelila!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Taylor Swift Sued -- Chauffeurs Can Only Speak To Me Sometimes

Taylor Swift apparently needed a motorcade normally reserved for heads of state and she wanted to be treated like one ... this according to a new lawsuit.

Taylor's company made a deal this past June with a chauffeur service to whisk her around NYC.

The company made all sorts of demands, including guidelines on when the driver was allowed to talk to Taylor.

But it didn't stop there. Taylor's director of security told the chauffeur service to get 2 additional whips. The service obliged by leasing 2, brand spanking new Chevy Suburban SUVs.

So imagine the chauffeur's dismay when 3 weeks after making the various demands Taylor's people pulled the plug, leaving the limo company holding the bag on the lease.

The chauffeurs are now suing Taylor's company for all sorts of losses.

Her company is radio silent ... it's unclear if they were allowed to speak with her for comment.

Jason Derulo Reveals Real Reason On Jordin Sparks Split: ‘There Was A Lot of Pressure Of Marriage’

Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks shocked just about everyone when the two announced their split last Thursday after three years together. 

But although we’re certainly sad to see the musical duo no longer together, the “Wiggle” singer revealed during an interview with On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Monday morning to set the record straight. 

“I’m not one to throw my business out on the street, but I thought it was important because things are getting a little out of hand,” he said. 

“I’m seeing all kind of stories about somebody getting pregnant, infidelity, things like me calling it off because of me being too busy and because of my new found success. 

So I thought it was important for me to call in and clear the air. 

“What happened … in a nutshell, there was a lot of tension in the relationship for a lot of different reasons,” Jason continues. 

“Every relationship has ups and downs. There was a lot of pressures of marriage. There was a lot of arguing and stuff like that that just weighed on our relationship over time. When you stop having more good times than bad bad times, it’s time to call it quits. It becomes something that is unhealthy.” 

Jennifer Lopez Reveals Secrets From ‘Booty’ Video Shoot

Jennifer Lopez‘s super-sexy “Booty” video co-starring Iggy Azalea has been bumping, so to speak, on computer screens all over the world since it came out September 18. 

Case in point: As of now, it has nearly 40 million views on YouTube! 

But the American Idol judge wasn’t always so sure of the director’s vision, she explained when she called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Monday morning.

“I had never worked with Hype Williams and we had talked about working together for years.

He’s like the famous video director, amazing director and so artistic.

He said, ‘If we do a video together, it’s got to be amazing. … Just you, me, the camera, that’s it.’

I was like, ‘Wow what does that mean?’

‘He’s like, ‘Yeah, you just perform the song.’

Charlo Greene, The “F*ck It, I Quit” Reporter, Lights Up On HuffPost Live

Charlo is still at it

Earlier last week, Charlo Greene quit her job as a news reporter for an Alaskan news station in the craziest way possible. While delivering a news story on the legalization of marijuana, she admitted to being the president of a local cannabis club, and declared that she would be dedicating her life to contributing to said club in an effort to help legalize tree in her home state of Alaska.

Then, she uttered the now infamous words:

“As for this job well, not that I have a choice but, f*ck it, I quit”

Pretty cool, huh? Don’t think about trying this kids.

In any case, Greene is determined to not be a one-hit wonder, so earlier this week she took her bud-loving habits to The Huffington Post Live, where she sat with a news anchor and spoke about her newest endeavor, and almost made it through the whole ordeal without lighting a joint, but, as you can see at nearly the 10-minute mark, she didn’t.


This one's gotta hurt ... 50 Cent's estranged son Marquise has a new father figure in his life and it happens to be his biological dad's worst enemy.

Marquise posted a photo to his Facebook page .... hangin' with FLOYD MAYWEATHER!!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know 50 and Floyd hate each other's guts so for Marquise to post this pic -- clearly, he's trying to get under his father's skin.

50 and Marquise have a complicated relationship -- 50 hates Marquise's mother and hasn't really been a part of Marquise's life, something Marquise admits he's very upset about.

Now, it seems like things have gone to "Hook" Levels, with a public war for Marquise's affection.

So far, 50 has yet to post anything about it on his Instagram but we're guessing it's only a matter of time.

Floyd Mayweather And Manny Pacquiao Trade Jabs On Social Media

It’s the fight everyone’s been waiting for: Floyd Mayweather Vs. Manny Pacquiao. The only problem is that it took place over social media and, unfortunately, didn’t involve a ring or gloves, but memes.

It all began when Manny tweeted this:

Chelsea Clinton Gives Birth To Baby Girl (Photos)

Former president Bill Clinton is officially a grandfather!

His daughter, Chelsea Clinton gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Friday night.

Clinton tweeted the following message early Saturday morning

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Who Would Have Thought Iggy Azalea Could Teach Us About Class?

Iggy Azalea, she of the magnificent ass and questionable choices in collaborations, is proving herself to be one of the classiest ladies in music today ... at least when it comes to defending herself against critics. No one can call what she did in that "Booty" music video classy, but the way she responded to fellow lady rapper Rah Digga's negative comments is all class, all the way. We should all be very proud. 

Here are Rah Digga's original comments: 

The First "America's Next Top Model" Just Made Twitter REAL Uncomfortable

OK, so Adrianne Curry, winner of the very first season of "America's Next Top Model" and former wife of one of the "Brady Bunch" kids, is generally pretty cool. 

She's kind of like a laid back nerd, and what's not to like about that? But 2 days ago she decided to hop on Twitter and say this:

If I raised a son who beat women...I'd take him out of the world(I brought him in!)Or slit my wrists in shame for having raised a s--- pile 

So that's pretty intense, huh? It makes sense that she'd be disappointed in having a son who abused women, but to say that she'd kill him for hitting someone, that's kind of backwards, right? It's definitely a complicated issue, because there would be a problem if she said that she'd be totally chill with having an abusive son, too. 

Maybe the solution is just not spending your time thinking of hypothetical situations that would be upsetting and instead spending your time trying to help people who are in those situations in real life. Yes, let's all try for that instead.

Floyd Mayweather Posts A Picture With A Million Dollars After Admitting He Wants To Promote Money Lifestyle

  • Floyd Mayweather posted a picture on instagram with loads of cash
  • Mayweather said his TV show before Maidana fight was nearly all made up
  • He guaranteed himself $32million dollars from his last bout with Maidana

Randy Jackson's Wife Of 18 Years Erika Is In Line For 'Half His $40 Million Fortune' In Huge Divorce Settlement

The wife of music legend Randy Jackson's is set to receive as much as $20 million in her divorce settlement.

Erika filed legal documents to end her 18 year marriage this week citing irreconcilable differences.

According to TMZ, massively wealthy Randy had no prenup in place when the couple married in 1995.

The American Idol judge earned around $5 million a year towards the end of his 12 year tenure on the successful Fox show.

And in addition, he has amassed $40 million thanks to his collaborations with musical greats including Madonna, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, the website reported on Sunday.