Friday, March 21, 2014


After more than twenty years of marriage, David and Cathy Guetta ended their Marriage.
It was one of the strongest couples in showbiz.. Difficult to imagine one without the other, yet we will have to get used to the fact that their marriage was well and is truly over .

After more than twenty years of marriage, David and Cathy Guetta chose to divorce. The judgment was delivered last week in Paris, in their absence, they were both in Los Angeles for business purposes.

The star DJ and organizer of famous events, symbolized, a couple united by love and success. 

Since they met in a nightclub in the south of France, they had shared everything: From early financial struggles to instant and explosive success that has made them a brand. They were no longer David and Cathy but " Guetta ". Him on the decks and the tops of charts worldwide, the parties, to the organization and accounting.

Their joint ascent began in 1994 when they took the artistic direction of Bains -Douches to make a must Parisian nights . It is on the decks, of French and international stars. 

Quickly, the kings of France the night are too small. Starting in 1996 , combining business with pleasure, they export all their summers expertise in the Ibiza sun. With their success, they launched in 2001 their famous nightlife " F ... me I'm famous. "

Gradually, turns into, David Guetta maker tubes. In 2009, his album One Love is No. 1 in 17 countries on the day of its release. 

Result: millions of albums sold and collaborations with the biggest stars. It is easy to assume that David Guetta's insane agenda could have complicated their life together, the duo, yet seemed unshakable.

In 2012 they renewed their vows in Ibiza to celebrate their twenty years of marriage in the presence of their two children, Tim Elvis, 10-years-old and Angie, 7-years-old and an invited audience. Unfortunately, their second vow wasn't enough to save the marriage.

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