Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Misty Shaffer before her dramatic transformation
 A military wife surprised her husband returning from Afghanistan with a dramatic transformation. Misty and Larry Shaffer were high school sweethearts who married in October 2008. 

Misty says that she struggled with weight her whole life, weighing 300 lbs at her heaviest. When her husband, an Army specialist, was deployed to Afghanistan for a year in 2012, Misty decided she wanted to get in shape. When Larry left Misty weighed around 260, but when he returned she was down to 155 pounds.

"I just sat in bed one night and was like, 'I can do this,'" she said. "'I need to do this.'" 

When Larry returned, on May 15, 2013, he was stunned. He had never seen his wife weigh less than 220 pounds, even in high school. Misty jumped into his arms at the airport. Larry was speechless, saying only one word: "Wow." 

Misty and Larry Schaffer
 Misty, now 25, says she made the change because her weight sapped her energy and she wanted to surprise her husband and work toward a better life for herself and her family. 

She cut out all the junk, stopped drinking soda and tried to only drink water and coffee instead of sports drinks or high-calorie beverages. 

Misty Schaffer

According to Misty the first three to four months were the hardest, especially at her job, where she works as a personal shopper at a super market. 

Misty says she's not too tempted to go back to her old ways of eating and is focused on maintaining her healthy lifestyle. 

Before her husband left she was a size 22 to 24; now she can wear a women's size 6. "I've seen how hard I worked, and what I had to go through to get to this point," she said. 

Now, a typical breakfast for Misty consists of oatmeal with fruit, or a portion-controlled plate of sausage, eggs or pancakes. Lunch is a salad or half sandwich with vegetables or fruit, with an afternoon snack of yogurt. For dinner she prepares a lean meat with a vegetable and a small portion of starch.


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