Friday, March 28, 2014

Mo’Nique - “My Husband Looked At Me And Said, ‘Mama, That’s Too Much Weight’”:

 Once Being 300 Pounds And Changing Her Life.

When sitting down on The Arsenio Hall Show this week, Mo’Nique chatted with the talk show host about losing more than 80 pounds and the time her husband, concerned for her well-being, confronted her about her weight. 

She says that the wake-up call, and his support, is what helped her make a step in the right direction to get her health in check.

“You know, it’s taken some time. Some years. One day at a time, and I just really had to change my mind. 

And the moment I changed my mind was the moment that things began to happen in reference to my health. 

And it was really my husband who was the force behind the weight loss and the mental health. Because one day he just said something and it clicked. I was in the bathroom and he was in the shower and I was in the mirror. 

I was being the sex kitten that I believe myself to be [laughs]l 

As I’m standing in the mirror he said to me, ‘Mama, how much do you weigh?’ 

And I said, ’262 pounds’ and I said it so quick but I knew it was a lie. But I couldn’t bring myself to say 300 pounds. I just could not say those words out of my mouth, so I said 262 like that was better, right? 

But for me, it played the mind game for me. My husband looked at me with the most, I wanna say, unconditional and so sweet, and said, ‘Mama, that’s too much weight. 

I want you for a lifetime.’ In that moment, I went through embarrassment. I went through guilt. I went through shame but I had never felt a love like that before. 

So, that night was when the decision was made: ‘I gotta save my life.’” 

Much respect to Mo’Nique and her weight-loss journey, which she has shared through her Twitter.

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