Monday, March 31, 2014

Nigerian Born R&B Soul Diva, Glory Bosnjak, KO'ed Her opponent in The Voice Of Switzerland, Next Stop LIVE shows!

Glory Bosnjak and Olivier Cheuwa sang against each other in the knockouts stage. Both sang again their Blind Audition Songs. Her Battle Watch here

Glory sang "At Last" by Etta James (Beyonce version), Oliver "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson.

Stress, the team coach, had goosebumps the moment Glory 
And chose Glory Bosnjak as the winner of the knockouts.... She won a spot in the LIVE shows on the second Season of "The Voice of Switzerland". Olivier is out.

In her interview after the show, She says

"I'm looking forward to entertain all of you, I'm in the LIVE show now, Glory Bosnjak is in the LIVE show, Ahhh...." 

Very excited, happy and she continues...

"Now, I can breathe,...Again, I almost fainted on stage, when I heard my name, I was like,... I can't believe because Olivier performed so good." she said.

"If he had won I will be very happy for him but you know, I'm from Nigeria and the state where I'm from, there is a saying that says, "Warri, no dey carry last" (Laughs) We never take last place (Swirls and happily jumps around).

We wish her all the very best.

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