Monday, March 24, 2014

Teenager Dies After Saving Girlfriend.

A teenager died after pushing his girlfriend from the path of a freight train and being hit by it himself.

Mateus Moore, 16, saved Mickayla Friend’s life after the train ‘snuck up on them’ from behind while they were taking a shortcut to a school dance in Marysville, California, in the US.
Mateus pushed Mickayla, also 16, after hearing the train approach, but died at the scene.

Eric Stark, 11, who had been playing baseball close by, witnessed the incident yesterday.
He told News10: ‘I heard the train, it was honking a lot. Right when they turned around it was too late.

‘The guy pushed the girl out [of] the way but she still got hit by the train and it sucked him in and [ran] him over.’

Mickayla was also struck by the train and is in a critical condition, but her family have reportedly said they are optimistic she will recover.

Mateus’s father Shawn said: ‘If he hadn’t have pushed her, most definitely she would have been under the train.’

Mickayla’s sister Alithya added of Mateus: ‘He was amazing, he loved her more than anyone – 

it’s just a life cut short and it’s not fair.’ .


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