Saturday, April 5, 2014

Actor Quinton Aaron, Star of The Oscar-Nominated Film, 'The Blind Side' Was Booted From US Airways For Excess Baggage -- His Stomach.

Quinton Aaron was booted from a flight Friday for excess baggage -- his stomach.

Quinton -- who stands 6'8" and weighs 500 lbs -- says ... he typically buys 2 seats when he flies but only one was available.

Quinton boarded the U.S. Airways jet in Philly for a 1 hour flight to Rochester but never even got to hear the safety message.  He says the passenger who was booked in the coach seat next to him was blindsided and could not wedge himself onto the cushion because of Q.A.'s girth.

Quinton says he talked it out with the flight attendant to no avail and he was politely asked to leave the plane and then booked on a later flight where he secured 2 seats.

Quinton adds, “I definitely need two seats ... It worked out for the better … my knees weren’t pushed into the back of the metal on someone else’s seat.”   

The upside ... two dinners.


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