Monday, April 28, 2014

Ashanti's Impressive Bikini Body

Ashanti is known for her slim-but-curvy physique. 

But the 33-year-old recording artist decided to prove it when she posted flattering pictured of herself in a revealing two-piece bikini on Sunday. 

The chart-topping star looked fantastic in the shots, which will no doubt delight fans of the US star.

Wearing a turquoise bathing suit, the singer could be seen relaxing on a sun lounger with her hair scarped back.

Another picture saw her wading through the water with the surface just below her chest, while a third shot was a close-up of her thighs.

Clearly, the performer was enjoying her break as she appeared relaxed and comfortable.

The pictures come just one day after she posted another photograph of herself in a bright yellow bikini. She captioned the shot with: With all the bullsh#t in life.. Ya gotta find chill time...'

In it she could be seen reclining with her legs crossed and an arm draped over against the head rest.

This isn't the first time that Ashanti has displayed her impressive figure, however. Earlier this month she boasted a stunning figure when she appeared on Good Morning America.

For the guest slot she wore a pair of leather-effect shorts, which perfectly showcased her figure, with a matching corset top featuring skin-tight sleeves.

The beautiful brunette is still busy promoting her new album, Braveheart, which debuted on March 4.

Such a physique was obtained through strenuous training, especially since the album’s accompanying music videos features many beach scenes.

‘It was hard body training with boxing, medicine balls and weights,’ Ashanti told Newsday. ‘We did a lot of heavy jump roping, leg presses and squats... lots of cardio, crunches and pushups. All the reps we did three times.’


Keeping in such good shape requires more effort now that she’s older. ‘Going into my first album, I was 19 or 20 and my metabolism was amazing,’ the What’s Luv? hitmaker said.

Furthermore, the medium she works with doesn’t exactly help. ‘Television puts 10 pounds on you,’ she said. ‘If you weigh 125 pounds, on TV you weigh 135 pounds. If I see myself and I don’t like it, that motivates me.


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