Thursday, April 24, 2014

British Long-Distance Swimmer Adam Walker Saved From SHARKS By Dolphins [VIDEO]

The dolphins stayed with him for over an hour as he aimed to conquer the 16-mile Cook Straits from Wellington to Perano Head

British long-distance swimmer Adam Walker spotted a six-foot shark beneath him as he tackled a marathon swim in freezing New Zealand waters.

But just as he started to get worried a 10-strong pod of dolphins appeared from nowhere - and the shark took off.

And for over an hour the dolphins stayed with Adam as he aimed to conquer the 16-mile Cook Straits from Wellington to Perano Head.

“I’d like to think they were protecting me and guiding me home. This swim will stay with me forever,” he said back on land.

As they leapt in and out of the choppy seas with Adam, from Nottingham, they matched his powerful strokes - and they were so close he even brushed one of their tails.

Dolphins are known to attack sharks, especially when they are protecting their young.
And it is not the first time they have come to the aid of humans.

Four swimmers were protected by a pod of dolphins in 2004 as a great white shark circled them.

Rob Howes, a British-born lifeguard, said he and his daughter Niccy and two pals had gone for a swim off a New Zealand beach, -as the shark loomed closer -- but the dolphins chased it off, -- and held their protective position for a further 40 minutes.

Said Mr Howes:’ They started to herd us up, and pushed us together by doing tight circles around us.

“The shark was only six feet away from me. The water was crystal clear and it was as clears as the nose on my face.

“But the dolphins corralled us up to protect us.”

But the shark was not the only difficulty Oceans Sevens challenge swimmer Adam faced.
After the dolphins made sure he was safe, he was overcome by motion sickness due to the rough waters.

“It was like swimming in a washing machine,” he said.

But he managed to complete the Cook Strait swim - his sixth out of seven oceans he has to conquer - in eight hours and 36 minutes.

“It would be nice to think the dolphins stayed with me and were thinking ‘We’ll just help our pal get through,’“ Adam said.


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