Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bruce and Kris Jenner Spotted Together Hand-In-Hand


The Jenner-Kardashian klan has spent most of the past week in Thailand shooting footage for their fake reality show. This time every season the family takes their yearly vacation together and I guess we’re all supposed to be jealous of how lucky they are.

I’m going to bet that one of the only real things to be filmed on this trip is when the elephant wrecked Kim Kardashian’s selfie attempt by blasting her with a load of hot air. Perhaps more noteworthy than that was the walk through LAX by soon-to-be exes’ Bruce and Kris Jenner

After playing nice in Thailand the two turned up hand-in-hand with Bruce leading them out of the airport.

I’m not sure about you guys, but I’ve gotten the distinct idea ever since they announced their split last October that these two really couldn’t stand each other. Did they rekindle their romance while sightseeing in Bangkok? That’s really doubtful. I mean Bruce has quite obviously taken serious steps towards gender reassignment, the kind that can’t be undone and Kris has been whoring it up with a handful of younger men. If Bruce and Kris were a bad fit last fall then they are even worse now.

Perhaps things went down in Thailand that the two are trying to troubleshoot. After all it is the sex change capital of the world and it seems that if you put Bruce there for several days then you might have been asking for some trouble to eek out. This stroll through LAX looks more like them presenting a united front for a good solid reason. The real question is what that might be. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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