Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cara Delevingne And Michelle Rodriguez Topless Sex and Kissing Session Caught on VIDEO

Cara Manipulates Michelle For More Publicity..

Someone should say something (or literally anything at this point) to Michelle Rodriguez. It doesn’t matter if its something small like star acting your own age or something big like drop that media hungry girlfriend of yours. Whatever shoe fits as long as it get said. And the sad part is I’m not even joking about this because I am truly worried about Michelle and it’s in no way for show. She’s going down the wrong and self-destructive path. If Miley’s antics have taught me anything its that the moment celebs start overdoing it like with the public strip shows and the way inappropriate public PDA then something is bound to be wrong.
I’m not saying that everyone should dress and live like a nun but Michelle and her girlfriend Cara Delevingne have just been too much lately. I mean come on we get the fact they’re in a relationship and there’s nothing wrong with that because I would still have something to say even if they were in a hetero relationship. But the problem is this – must they try to undress themselves at every camera opportunity? For a very long time Michelle was doing pretty good and she had put all this juvenile crap behind her and then out of nowhere comes Cara and suddenly Michelle is back to her old erratic ways. Now to be fair it could all be a coincidence seeing as Paul Walker did unfortunately pass a few months ago and Michelle could still be mourning the loss. However that doesn’t change the fact that Cara has something of a reputation – and Michelle doesn’t exactly look like she’s in mourning. She did “accidentally” drop a suspicious looking bag of white powder in front of a crowd of paparazzi the one time and she does like to be linked to celebrities.

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