Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Coco Austin - 'My Booty Got Bigger!' TWO INCHES Wider

Coco Austin surely doesn't need a 'booty enlarging app'.

But on Tuesday she posted a revealing snap of her booty to Instagram - boasting that it had GROWN two inches wider.

'After I just tweeted that my booty got bigger from using my bodybuilding techniques from my fitness app everybody wants a pic,' Coco wrote.

'Here you go.... My hips were a 40 now it's a 42...'

But while the 35-year-old's rear is certainly eye-catching, the difference between now versus one year ago is not easy to discern.

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That's not to say that Coco's Workout World won't work for other aspiring bottom queens; perhaps it's just that the fitness model has a booty so big it literally cannot grow anymore.

In the photo, Coco stands in her signature pose with her rear facing the camera and a seductive pout positioned and ready to go.

She sports a barely-there fishnet dress - essentially just layers of string - leaving her body on show as she perches herself high above the earth in matching yellow platform heels.

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