Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Coco Austin Reveals Why She Got A Boob Job

She's a burlesque dancer that oozes body confidence but even Coco Austin has her insecurities.

The head-turning star - famous for her voluptuous and curvy behind - has revealed how fears her rear was too big led her to get breast enhancement surgery.
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'The reason I got my boobs done is because I wanted to take the attention away from my hip area, because I felt like I had big hips,' the surgically-enhanced blonde revealed to NW magazine this week.

'Back then, if you had a butt that meant you were fat, and I didn't want to be considered fat,' she explained.

But the 35-year-old reality star has embraced her body since then, proudly posing in a series of intimate snaps from her workout at a Manhattan gym.

Clad in hot pink, our heroine can be seen slogging away on a gym ball, climbing bars and lifting those weights. 

The model, who is married to rapper Ice-T, appears to be getting stuck in, although it's testament to her makeup that it stays firmly in place. 

The clingy gym outfit certainly accentuated all of her ample curves in all the right places. 

Her lips, eyes and cheeks were heavily decorated with glamorous make-up and her lengthy blonde tresses were pinned back in a long ponytail. 

Fitness obsessed, Coco also revealed that she works out almost every day and her favourite move is the plank.

'People hate planks, but it's honestly the best thing you can do all round to get your body in shape.'Do a five minute routine of planks in the house and that's all you've got to do!' 

Coco has recently been living in New York City, preparing for appearances in an off-Broadway burlesque show alongside dance troupe The Vanity Vixens. 

She recently gushed about the show in a Q & A with her Facebook fans – saying she prefers it to performing in Las Vegas. 

'No, I wouldn't do Vegas again. It was just too hard being away from Ice and having the dogs and not knowing what to do with the dogs and just kind of bouncing around,' Coco said. 

'That's why this new burlesque show in New York, I'm so into it because I don't have to leave to go anywhere. It's like heaven. It's something I really love to do and I really loved doing peep show and being able to dance every single night—that's my passion.' 

Coco also admitted she is a big homebody. 

Honestly this is going to sound so strange but I love cleaning my house,' she said. 'I look at our week and say maybe that's the day I can spend all day at home and not do much and just clean and do my laundry. I'm a homebody. I like to spend time at home and not do anything. I love being at home.' 

She also revealed that she and Ice-T are working on a new secret TV project in conjunction with Ryan Seacrest, since the cancellation of the Ice Loves Coco reality series that ended its two-year run on E! in February. 

'We stopped the reality show because after a certain amount of time it loops and people get you,' said Ice at the time. 

'You've done everything you do and then you do it over again. After some time you start doing things you normally wouldn't do - like let's put Ice on a horse. That's when it gets corny.'

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