Monday, April 14, 2014

Erykah Badu Shares Her Thoughts On Marriage And Finding Independence Within Motherhood

The brilliant and beautiful Erykah Badu was, of course, one of three fabulous women featured on the three different covers of Essence for May’s Beauty Issue. The publication recently posted a behind-the-scenes video of Badu during her photo shoot, speaking on what beauty is to her, and more.

One really interesting part of the conversation came when she spoke on the importance of finding yourself and being independent while balancing motherhood. She said she learned this through the influence of the women in her family, many of which, she says, weren’t married. They were all about their children and family, but also made time for themselves so that they could blossom:

“I came from a long line of matriarchs. There was not a lot of marriage and partnership that I saw as a child. I saw strong women: grandmothers, great-grandmothers raising grandchildren, the next generation of children, and children and children. I learned from them a lot of things. They weren’t just mothers. They were also individual human beings who had careers, and ambitions, and jobs, and lovers, and lives. I learned from them that in my own motherhood, as a woman, I can also be Erykah, and grow as Erykah. And I think that’s a beautiful gift to have. Just the knowing of that.”

And grow she has. The mother of three (Seven, Puma and Mars) has a look and sound that has evolved quite a bit over the years (which has helped her to become the recent face of Givenchy), and there seems to be no stopping her. 


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