Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Joey Heatherton - Sued for Not Blending In - Claims Of Violence


Joey Heatherton just got fair Waring from a judge ... not warning -- Waring, as in blender. 

Joey, who was a huge singer/actress several decades ago and once married to football star Lance Rentzel, allegedly was in a war with the upstairs neighbor in her Sherman Oaks, CA apartment bldg. 

According to legal docs, Chandra Arend claims Joey went nuclear every time Chandra would use her blender in the morning. Joey would bang on the ceiling whenever Chandra fired up the juicer. 

It all came to a head earlier this month ... when Chandra was leaving for work and Joey allegedly attacked her in the lobby, attacking her with a high-heeled shoe. 

Chandra got a restraining order, prohibiting Joey from coming within 20 feet of her.

It's not the first time Joey's had a brush with the law. She was charged with stabbing her drummer in the hand with a steak knife in 1986, and there were other incidents as well.


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