Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kelly Osbourne Blasts Paris Hilton After Coachella Encounter

The fields and the fury! Kelly Osbourne blasted Paris Hilton via Twitter Sunday, April 13 after a brief run-in at Coachella music festival, where an exchange (or lack thereof) between the two stars eventually resulted in Osbourne telling off the hotel heiress via Twitter.

"Please grow up there is no need to act like a child," the Fashion Police host, 29, tweeted at Hilton, 33. "You could of happily joined us! it's not 2005 no one cares!"
A source explains to Us Weekly that the fracas went down at the Neon Carnival, after one of the organizers invited the E! star to join their table. Osbourne took her seat and five minutes later, both Hilton sisters Nicky and Paris walked in with Brandon Davis.

"They right away pointed to the table Kelly was sitting at and asked the party organizers if they could sit there," the insider says. "The team at the Carnival asked Kelly if she would move to a table upstairs, and she did. They didn't really cite a reason why she had to move."

"Paris and Kelly made eye contact," the source continues. "They were ten feet from each other. I mean, Kelly has bright purple hair -- there is no way Paris could have missed her."

Hilton, for her part, denied any awkward run-in and tweeted at Osbourne Sunday, "Getting tweets about us. I'm confused, as I did not see you once this entire weekend." She added, "No clue how these stories get invented."

The source adds, "They have been friends for years -- they could have all sat together at the same table. Kelly is over any petty stuff that has happened over the years." (Hilton's supposed feud with the British star traces back to nearly a decade ago. In 2005, Hilton's then-boyfriend, Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, allegedly ruined Osbourne's 21st birthday party in Las Vegas. The two girls eventually made up and moved forward with their friendship.)

"The thing that really upset Kelly," the source concludes, "is that Paris didn't just come over and say hello. They could have all sat together."

Hilton further ignored Osbourne's quips and tweeted Monday, "What an amazing #Coachella! Had the best time ever this weekend with my #CoachellaCrew! #LovingLife."


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