Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pharrell Williams Performs At Two Events On The Same Night!

He may be a music, style and cultural icon but Pharrell Williams is not above getting a pimple at the worst possible moment like the rest of us mere mortals.

The 41-year-old had to face two separate red carpets and two performances in New York on Tuesday.

Never one to tread the well tested line, the musician did not try to draw attention away from the large zit on his chin as he arrived at the Time 100 Gala.

While being honoured as one of the world's 100 most influential people, the Happy singer managed to make his spot into a fashion statement.

Making the pimple even more conspicuous, Pharrell wore a white Band-Aid with a Mickey Mouse pattern on it.

Instead of being self-conscious, the producer happily posed for pictures with his stunning wife Helen Lasichanh at his side.

For the event, Pharrell left his now signature Vivienne Westwood mountain hat at home in favour of his Indiana Jones-inspired sable fedora, which, was a shame, as the larger hat would have proved a useful distraction.

Pharrell - whom the magazine named as a 'titan' of music alongside Beyonce - also donned a pair of blue jeans with customized Adidas sneakers, a printed T-shirt and black blazer.

New look: While being honoured as one of the world's 100 most influential people, the Happy singer managed to make his spot into a fashion statement
The 41-year-old also donned his favourite new accessories - a collection necklaces including pearls, a Chanel chain and a Chanel rosary.

To celebrate Time's recognition, the singer performed at the Lincoln Centre event and even made a quick outfit change, throwing on a white jumper by Bionic Yarn.

However, Pharrell did not get to stay around too long to chat to other nominees, as being so influential, the former N.E.R.D frontman had to race off to yet another party.

For the Sprint Sound Sessions - where he once again took to the stage- Pharrell decided to drop the Mickey Band-Aid and show off his pimple with pride.

The 41-year-old met up with fellow 'titan' of music, country star Carrie Underwood backstage
Clearly covering the spot had done wonders, as only those close to the star would have been able to spot the blemish.

In addition to changing his very unusual fashion statement, The Get Lucky singer also changed his outfit slightly.

This time he threw on a oversized black sweatshirt by label Bionic Yarn - which is a collaboration with label G-Star and the rapper, who serves as a creative director.

It was announced last week that Pharrell was one of Time's most influential people and longtime collaborator Justin Timberlake wrote about what his friend has offered the world for the magazine.

The pair originally joined forces for Justin's first solo album, so paying tribute Justin wrote: 'He made me fearless, and I’ve carried that with me the rest of my life.

'That’s what Pharrell does. He injects that vibrant energy into the music in a way that you can feel.

'You smile, you dance, you clap along. His music actually does make you happy. Maybe that’s why he still looks younger than the rest of us. 

Yep … Pharrell Williams is having way too much fun. And I don’t know about you, but I hope he never stops.'

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