Friday, April 25, 2014

Roberto Cavalli, 73, Frolics On The Beach With His 20+ Girlfriend In Matching Swimwear

Fashion designer and his young girlfriend enjoy a day on Miami beach together
It's not like he hasn't got access to any swimwear design he desires.

But fashion designer Roberto Cavalli still opted to match his swimwear with his girlfriend's bikini for their Miami beach getaway.

Both hitting the sunshine on the coast of Florida, 73-year-old Roberto slipped into a pair of dark blue leopard trunks, while his 20-something girlfriend Lina Nilson wore a Just Cavalli rainbow leopard bikini.

Frolicking on the sand in their his 'n' hers matchies, the happy couple looked super loved up in the sunshine, stopping for a dip in the sea before sauntering back to their sunbeds.

Roberto and Lina, who appear to spend plenty of time living the dream on various beaches across the globe, have been dating since 2008, when he split from his former wife, Eva Cavalli.

Last summer the couple hit the headlines when Lina was snapped hosing down Roberto's trunks (and inside them, awks) following a particularly sandy day at the beach. And while we'd normally fill you in on every bit of background info we could find at this stage in any given article, Lina doesn't appear to have a digital mark on the world.

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