Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shocking Passenger Footage Of Plane On FIRE As Sparks Burst From Engine Mid-Flight

An Australian aircraft full of passengers was forced to make an emergency landing when its engine burst into flames shortly after it left the ground
Terrified passengers on board an Australian airliner today saw their plane's engine burst into flames just minutes after takeoff.


The British Aerospace 146 flight was forced to make an emergency landing at Perth Domestic Airport after a passenger noticed sparks were flying out of the engine.

Incredible on-board footage shows the incident - which took place over the course of ten terrifying minutes - where sparks are clearly visible flying from the plane's wing. 

Witnesses on the ground also managed to capture the incident - watching in horror as the plane slowly circled the airport waiting to land. 

One eyewitness said: "I saw the flames coming out of the left hand side of the engine and it just started turning out of the clouds, I thought it was descending and then it just disappeared." 

Originally intended to travel to Barrow Island, the Cobham Aviation flight safely executed an emergency landing and was quickly joined by the fire service. 

With typical Aussie composure, passengers reportedly stayed calm throughout the ordeal - placing their trust in the airplane's staff to safely land. 

No passengers were injured during the incident which is now being investigated by Australian authorities.

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