Thursday, April 24, 2014

"The Human Barbie" In Live Video Action

This "Human Barbie" moving diorama of plastic surgery and vanity ... it's almost too much to bear on the day before Friday.

This is Valeria Lukyanova -- the self-proclaimed "Human Barbie," though some people think she's maybe a weird alien instead and she's got a YouTube channel. The channel houses a variety of videos, lovingly categorized under "Barbie Style," and they're all pretty horrific. 

This particular video -- Valeria at the beach -- is her most recent, and by far her scariest.
Is this how we become famous nowadays, guys? 

Is this the kind of thing we have to do in order to gain an iota of notoriety -- morph our bodies and our faces into such horrific caricatures of unrealistic expectations and parade it around like it's some new Louboutin prototype?

It's getting sad, guys -- and the only thing perhaps sadder than what dear Valeria is doing here are the people who think she's a role model to emulate. Don't scoff -- you just know there have to be some out there who do.

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