Saturday, April 12, 2014

Woman Spotted Walking A Man On A Leash Through London (Photos)

London commuters have been left puzzled by the strange sight of a well-dressed women leading a be-suited man on a leash around the city. 
More photos after break...

The duo were spotted around walking around Farringdon station, and pictures of them soon began to emerge on social media.

The spectacled woman is nonchalantly carrying a purple handbag, her dark hair plaited down her back.

Her outfit, not one usually associated with "fetish" type activities, was a full length, demure black trousers and a light blouse. She carried a coffee cup casually in one hand.

On the lease, looking less than comfortable, was a man with a pink collar round his neck, dressed in a business shirt and suit trousers.

Many on Twitter speculated that, were the gender roles reversed, the office prank or publicity stunt would have been immediately decried as being in bad taste.

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