Tuesday, April 29, 2014

World Toughest Job - 24 People Applied For The Job And Were Interviewed Via Webcam. Priceless!

We've seen our fair share of job interview spoofs and we've seen our fair share of salutes of the moms of the world. And as Mother's Day approaches May 11, we can expect to see a lot more. But we don't recall ever seeing a mash-up of the job interview spoof and pro-mom campaigns.

Well, now we have.

Mullen Boston crafted a campaign entitled World's Toughest Job for American Greetings' CardStore that launched with a fake job listing which included a list of stringent requirements:

  • No Salary
  • Constant exertion
  • Continuous standing
  • Work 135 hours per week
  • No breaks
  • No vacations
  • Increased workload on holidays
  • Excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Degree in medicine, finance and culinary arts

The job listing — for Director of Operations — was promoted with paid advertising and received over 2.7 million impressions. 

Just 24 people applied for the job and were interviewed via webcam. The applicants reactions are priceless. Especially when all is revealed at the end.

The aha moments each of the applicants experience do wonders in reminding the rest of us that the job of motherhood (and it still is mostly a mother's gig even though fathers pitch in more and more) is truly challenging.

After the emotional reveal, viewers are told,

"This Mother's Day, you might want to make her a card." Brilliant really.

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