Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beyoncé Goes On Instagram Frenzy, Shares Multiple Photos With Sister Solange Knowles After Jay Z fight

Beyonce went on a Instagram spree, posts four photos in a row with sister Solange Knowles just days after her fight with Jay Z after the Met Gala. 
The 32-year-old singer took to her social media to show she has her sister’s back amid drama surrounding her elevator spat with Bey’s husband. 

Beyoncé wants fans to know she and her sister are closer than ever.

The 32-year-old singer took to Instagram early Wednesday morning to share four loving photos in a row with Solange Knowles after the violent elevator spat with husband Jay Z at The Standard Hotel in New York was caught on tape and released by TMZ earlier this week.

Bey only captioned the first upload of the duo looking happier than ever, writing "Good Morning," while the rest simply spoke for themselves.

The second share is one of Blue Ivy's mama resting her head on her little sister's shoulder while the third is a flashback photo of the two at an event.

The last pic was a sweet snap of the pair embracing after Beyoncé surprised Solange on stage during her Coachella set just last month.

Beyoncé’s choice to share the series of shots comes as a shock as reports swirled Tuesday that Solange apparently deleted dozens of photos of her famous sibling from her Instagram account.

By Tuesday afternoon, Jezebel pointed out that only one photo of Beyoncé remained — an old pic showing the sisters from over a year ago.

"You forgot to delete this," one commenter wrote.

"This is the only picture remaining of Beyoncé," another mentioned.

The famous family has yet to speak out since the surveillance video surfaced showing the 27-year-old singer hitting and kicking her brother-in-law in the elevator when leaving The Boom Boom Room on May 5.

Beyonce's social media photos Wednesday is the first public move made addressing the controversy.

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