Thursday, May 15, 2014


The dog was picked up Tuesday by animal control in an extremely aggressive state and a decision has been made to euthanize the animal.

Most cats don't do squat, but this feline from Bakersfield,CA is the exception after it ran to the aid of a young boy being attacked by a dog and scared the vicious animal away. MEOW!!!!

Check out this surveillance video from Tuesday afternoon you can see the boy riding his bike in front of the home when the dog comes around from behind an SUV and drags the boy off his tricycle by his leg.

The dog wrestles with the boy's leg for just a few moments until the HERO CAT comes flying in knocking the dog off the boy before chasing the canine away.

The boy's parents say he needed a few stitches after the attack (you can see his injuries below) but overall, he's doing fine. According to local reports, the dog belonged to a neighbor and is now under investigation.

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