Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Croatian Goat Born With Eight Legs [Video]

A Croatian farmer has spoken of his pride after one of his goats gave birth to a kid with eight legs.

Zoran Paparic thought he was seeing double when his goat Sarka gave birth on his farm in Kutjevo, Croatia.

The ‘octogoat’ also has both male and female reproductive organs, leading local vets to believe that the goat’s condition is the result of an under-developed twin sibling. 

‘I counted his legs and I thought I was seeing things,’ admitted Mr Paparic. ‘I called my neighbour to make sure that I am not crazy.’ 

Vets have said it is highly unlikely the goat will survive but if it lives past the first week, it may go on to live for two or three years. 

‘Sarka, which I have had for three years, gave birth to a miracle of nature. This is her fourth time and she always has triplets,’ Mr Paparic said proudly. 

‘He is trying to stand on his feet, but lacks strength.’

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