Friday, May 16, 2014

Dr. Dre's Son, My Billionaire Dad's Not Sharing - And I'm Cool With It

Dr. Dre's son is celebrating his dad's multi-billion dollar Apple deal but adds he hasn't seen a DIME of Dre's fortune, doesn't expect to even now and he's not the least bit bitter.

TMZ caught up with rapper Curtis Young Dre's spitting image and firstborn living the most NON-baller lifestyle possible: outside Ontario airport (1 hour east of L.A.), about to board a commercial flight to Mexico with a coach ticket!

Watch the clip Curtis is a unicorn a celeb spawn trying to make it on his own. He says Dre hasn't hooked him up with a steady cash flow since the deal was announced and he explains why he's fine with that.

Kudos to Curtis, but still a private jet would be nice.


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