Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kanye West Allow Aspiring Rapper Spit For Him - Nice [Video]

Kanye West has developed a reputation for being something of a Grumpy Gus over the years, but what happened on the streets of Soho earlier this week is proof the notoriously testy rapper might be letting down his guard just a little.

West was walking home with his brand new bride, Kim Kardashian, and her BFF Jonathan Cheban, when he was approached by an aspiring rapper desperate to show Yeezus his skills.

"I've been working on my shit, trying to get better at it," he told West. But, instead of telling the courageous young man to take a hike, a bemused West asked "How does it sound now?"

What happened next is a thrilling, only-in-New-York audition, as the young rapper spit bar after bar for West, who even stayed behind to listen after Kim and Cheban entered the building.

While West staunchly dislikes invasive photographers, he was once a young rapper trying to make it, so you could imagine that he might identify with the young fan.

Though West wasn't about to pull out a G.O.O.D. music contract and sign him right then and there, if he liked what he heard, he should have no trouble finding the young upstart, as the above video has officially gone viral.


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