Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kendall Jenner Mortified After Major Autocue Fail at 2014 Billboard Music Awards

POOR Kendall Jenner just pulled a John Travolta.

During her presenting stint at the Billboard Music Awards Jenner fumbled over her words in a flub similar to Travolta’s infamous “Adele Darzeem” moment.
And now #Kendallyouhadonejob is trending on Twitter.

On stage to introduce Aussie band 5 Seconds of Summer, the 21-year-old model was mortified after accidentally beginning to introduce rival band One Direction instead.

“This summ ... And now we welcome ... One..” Jenner said before realising the mistake and bending down in total embarrassment.

“Guys I’m the worst reader, umm ...” she said, clearly mortified.

She continued on without introducing the boy band at all.

Jenner later blamed the incident on the fact she wasn't wearing her contacts.

Or perhaps she’s still got Harry Styles on her mind?

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