Wednesday, May 28, 2014

London Is Cocaine Capital Of Europe And Most Popular Day For Usage Is Tuesday

(Mirror) The city has the highest use of the class A drug by far and the most popular day for using it is a Tuesday, according to the European Drug Report 2014

London has become the cocaine capital of Europe, according to a new study.
Samples taken from the city's sewage water over the course of a week in 2013 have been used to provide the figures, which dwarfed all all other major cities including Amsterdam and Milan.

And the most popular day for using the drug is a Tuesday, according to the European Drug Report 2014.

The report states 711 mg of the main chemical in cocaine, benzoylecgonine, was found for every 1000 people in London.

This is compared to just 393 mg per 1000 people in Amsterdam and 233 mg in Milan.

The report's findings about London are of little surprise after a study published a week ago by the Drinking Water Inspectorate said cocaine use is so prevalent in the UK it was contaminating drinking water.

But despite excessive use compared to other countries, the drug is continuing to decline in the UK since its peak in 2008.

Cocaine and Ecstasy were found to be the most common drugs across most of Europe apart from Eastern Europe, where crystal meth remains the most popular.

According to the international report legal highs, which mimic the effects of LSD and cocaine, are on the increase.

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction said in their report: "Europe’s drugs problem is becoming increasingly complex with new challenges emerging that raise concerns for public health."

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