Sunday, May 4, 2014

Man Dumps Weird Goo All Over His Car!!! You Won't Believe The Turn Out!!!

A Lithuanian refurbishes scrap cars with expandable foam and cardboard stencils. They start out looking like regular junkyard cars, but when he's done. 
Here's how he builds his masterpieces according to Diply:
First, you have to start off with an old, beat-up Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class, like this one. Check out his sweet fur coat! You know this project is going to be awesome. Note: those rims are 30".

Once you've acquired the vehicle, now you lay down some expanding foam. It looks like a disaster...Hold your breath...

Time to carve out the vision. This is the hard part...

Post-sculpting, New shape emerging....

Cardboard to stencils help the car really take shape. Next, it's time to smooth and detail the exterior.

This is NOT the final color. Still in the sculpting phase...

No one drives a Robin's Egg Blue car around.... Be patient...

Looks alright, but he ain't close to finish

Something awesome about the rear end.

Dream cars have curves. The difference is in the subtle nuances.

Headlights are also 100% necessary but surprisingly simple to install.

Finally, we see a pretty shape, But it's still so far away...

..unfinished product..

Mixing up some more stuff! What happens next will blow your mind.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Just like a secret recipe from grandma but this ain't edible. 

Interior is also done like the exterior

After all, dream cars are beautiful inside and out. 

"The sculptor" begins his work:

Again, the difference is in the details. Your car is an extension of your home. Make it look nice.

Boom. Interior? Check!. The 'artist's' attention to shape and size really shines through in this work.

The exterior with a fresh coat of gloss.


Bootylicious view

Car's a crowd puller!

It only got sexier.

It's hard to believe that with a little expandable foam and a lot of hard work a junky old car can be transformed into a sports car like the one above!


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