Thursday, May 1, 2014

Master P Speaks On Wife’s Alleged Drug Abuse While Celebrating His 44th Birthday With His Kids [Video]

Last week actor Romeo Miller discussed his parents’ impending divorce and his mother, Sonya Miller’s settlement demands. 

According to Romeo, his mother is entitled to whatever she’s asking for as long as she gets her life together and becomes a better parent. 

Last night, Romeo’s dad, rapper Master P, was spotted celebrating his 44th birthday with his children. When confronted by TMZ cameramen, the hip hop mogul spoke candidly about his wife’s alleged drug addiction.
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While he says that he and Sonya haven’t been together for about seven years, he expressed that he loves his family and wants to see her get better.

“We haven’t been together in seven years, but I love my family. That’s my kids’ mother.”

Though he’s speaking publicly about the situation now, it appears that he would much rather handle the divorce and Sonya’s alleged addiction privately.

“I think people don’t realize that she put us in this position when she put her business out in the public. So we just gotta deal with it.”

Of course, it’s all hard to deal with, but the father of six says that maybe their story can help another family in a similar situation.

“One thing I will say it that drugs destroy a lot of families and I’m not going to let it destroy my family,” he expressed. “We ain’t hiding no more because I think this situation is affecting a lot of families, not just my family. 

I think that, you know, drugs destroy families. I’m not gonna let it destroy mine. I’m going to fight for it. Whatever I can do for her, I’m gonna do it.”

In closing, P says that he simply wants his estranged wife to get her life together for the sake of their children, plain and simple

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