Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Prank Gone Horribly Wrong! Delhi Boy Tells Father He Got Girlfriend Pregnant

In this prank gone horribly wrong, Delhi student Prateek misguidedly thought it would be funny to tell his father that his girlfriend was pregnant. Daddy does NOT see the joke.

Prateek recorded this video of him entreating his father to a) not tell his mother and b) not hit him when he hears what Prateek has to say.

You know it's going to end in tears when dad, who couldn't be more unpleasant, refers to the girlfriend as 'a bitch' even before he's been told about the imaginary pregnancy.

When is told, he reacts in furious and violent anger - kicking, hitting and abusing his wayward son. A beleaguered Prateek quickly tells his irate parent that it's just a prank - "there's the camera" - and though the beating stops, the angry muttering doesn't. You can tell daddy's going to be upset for a while longer.

This video, posted on YouTube by SocioCatastrophe TV, quickly went viral and currently has over a million views.

Watch Prateek get beaten up by his dad:

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