Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Prince Announces New Album And Reunites With Warner Bros - Listen To The Brand New Single

 “A brand-new studio album is on the way and both Warner Bros. Records and Eye are quite pleased with the results of the negotiations and look forward to a fruitful working relationship,” says Prince

This comes almost two decades after he left Warners to sign with their rival record company Capitol and put out the triple-CD Emancipation. 

A now delighted Cameron Strang (Warner’s Chairman and CEO) commented, “Everyone at Warner Bros. Records is delighted to be working with Prince once again; he is one of the world’s biggest stars and a truly unique talent. We are also very excited about the release of new and remastered music from one of his greatest masterpieces.” 

Strang was hinting at Prince’s classic “Purple Rain” album, which will be re-released as part of the deal, in a remastered deluxe version coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the album and movie. 

If that wasn’t enough already, Prince went on to surprise his fans with one more gold nugget the very same day the forthcoming studio album was announced: a brand new single, “The Breakdown,” which he published in late April.

Prince actually referred to the song in March, when Arsenio Hall asked him about his current favorite song to play. “There’s a song we’ve just written called, ‘The Breakdown,’” he said. “One of the things that we try to do, though, is wait until we have other songs that go together with our favorites. That’s why it takes a long time to come out with albums these days. You know, not being under contract, there’s no rush.”

The reunion between Prince and Warnes is in large part due to the fact that he now has ownership and control over the master recordings of his Warner Bros. catalog. You might recall their falling out that started shortly after Prince signed a lucrative deal with Warner Bros. in 1992. Their relationship suffered when the label would not put out his music at the pace he wanted.

As a result he changed his name to a “love symbol” in 1993 and put the word “slave” on his face. Warner dropped its distribution deal with Prince’s Paisley Park imprint and consequently put it out of business.

“People think I’m a crazy fool for writing ‘slave’ on my face,” he told Rolling Stone in 1996. “But if I can’t do what I want to do, what am I? When you stop a man from dreaming, he becomes a slave.

That’s where I was. I don’t own Prince’s music. If you don’t own your masters, your master owns you.”

“The Artist,” as he was then known, went on to release singles independently; one of them was “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”, which Warner allowed to move forward.

On May 16, 2000, he stopped using the Love Symbol and returned to using his original name “Prince”, after his publishing contract with Warner Bros. Records expired.

Beginning in 2013, Prince has been teasing a new album and started making television appearances on shows like Arsenio Hall’s “FunkNRoll” and Zooey Deschanel’s “New Girl.”

“He is incredibly nice and so generous and just so talented — a really wonderful person and I feel lucky to know him,” Deschanel said.

His fans certainly share Deschanel’s sentiments and look forward to the new album as well as a more fruitful collaboration between Prince and Warner Bros. Records.

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