Monday, May 19, 2014

Shakira Kisses Gerard Pique at Billboard Awards 2014

Shakira was clearly feeling the energy at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Shakira Straddles Her Boyfriend Backstage at the Billboard Awards

After performing her song "Empire," the singer headed straight to her boyfriend, Gerard Piqué, backstage where she wrapped her legs around his body, held his head, and planted a big kiss on his lips. 

Gerard's eyes were open, and his right arm was out as he responded to the big display of affection from his adoring girlfriend. The singer has been candid about her relationship with Gerard. 

In March, she told Billboard magazine "he no longer lets me do videos with men,"and previously told Glamour Gerard doesn't like her to be "too skinny"because he "prefers meat over bone."

See Shakira heat up the stage!


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