Friday, June 6, 2014

50 Cent, Maleficent, — It’s A Match Made In Pun Heaven.

The rapper stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to premiere a trailer for what he jokingly called his latest project, a spoof on Disney film Maleficent featuring 50 Cent as the title villain. 

“This one ain't going to no Redbox,” 50 told Kimmel. 50 Cent replaces Angelina Jolie in the clip as Maleficent — sorry, Malefiftycent — and, of course, makes sure to mention his biggest claim to fame: “I've been shot nine times, I’m not afraid of no little white girl.”

While most appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live just to perform, 50 Cent was an actual guest on the program last night. Continuing the promo run for his new album, the G-Unit don sat down with Kimmel to discuss fan sleepover packages, his now notorious first pitch and his "new movie." As always, 50 is all charisma and comedy, exhibiting a sense of humor very few at his level have. 

Check out all three clips below.

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