Tuesday, June 3, 2014

50 Cent Turned A Performance Into an Onstage Robbery (Footage Released)

Summer Jam Night, the sprawling rap concert hosted by New York radio station Hot 97. Over the years, the event has earned a reputation for sparking unexpected moments, but 50 Cent may have topped them all. While he was performing his set, 50 had a rival robbed onstage, all while he was still performing his hits. 

You can see footage of the incident above. With rapper Fabolous—who had been brought onstage by 50—in the foreground, a number of men snatch and grab at a man outside of the frame. One man in a white t-shirt and Yankees hat comes up from the fray with a large chain in his hand before turning his back. 

The man who had his chain taken is believed to be Slow from the duo Slowbucks, whose beef with 50 stems from the below photo they posted to Instagram with 50's estranged son Marquise

That chain then ended up on 50 Cent's neck as he continued to perform. 

This will almost certainly be the most memorable part of the careers of either rapper from Slowbucks, which seems unfortunate for them. It probably bears worth mentioning here that one of 50's most well-known songs is called "How to Rob."

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