Thursday, June 5, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: President Obama Secretly Video Taped Working Out By Guest Who Smuggled Camera Into Polish Hotel Gym

Snaps show President taking time out from schedule in Warsaw.
He spent up to 30 minutes pumping iron before he retired.
But security experts have no idea how pictures emerged.
President Obama is in the Polish capital to kick off his European tour.

The Secret Service confirmed to The Hill that the video is real, and that other hotel guests taking photos and videos of his workout is not a problem: "Hotel guests were not asked to leave the gym during this off the record movement, nor were they asked to refrain from taking pictures," agency spokesman Ed Donovan said.

The Hill also notes that these "off the record" excursions usually involve impromptu photo-ops with voters/citizens of countries he is visiting:

A spokesman for the Secret Service said the situation at the gym was "no different than if the president visited a restaurant off the record and other diners took pictures of him."

Obama regularly poses for pictures with diners or bystanders when he makes unscheduled stops during trips, although the view into his workout routine is rare.

Fox News' Greta Van Susteren, for one, is concerned about these kind of leaks. She posted the following to her blog, Gretawire:

THIS IS SO DANGEROUS!!! What is WRONG WITH THE SECRET SERVICE???!!??? If Polish tabloids can get these pics (and video) with a camera lens, is there anyone who doesn't think the President is vulnerable to someone armed?

Mr Obama is staying at the luxury $1,500 per night presidential suite on the top floor of the 40- floored Marriott hotel tower in Warsaw
The Marriott's presidential suite (pictured) is spread over two levels with such features as a grand piano and winding staircase

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