Monday, June 23, 2014

Judge Calls Michael Jordan A Hog

A federal judge in Chicago removed himself from a civil case dealing with Michael
Jordan after referring to the six-time NBA champion as a “hog” and “Dr. Frankenstein.” 

The case surrounds Dominick’s Finer Foods’ use of Jordan’s name to promote its stores without his permission. Although Judge Milton I. Shadur denied he referred to Jordan with those words, Jordan’s attorneys claimed that he called the star and Charlotte franchise owner those words as well as “greedy.” 

The court as already found Dominick’s liable, but the lingering dispute remains over damages.

Jordan is seeking $2.5 million, although at one point the claim was $10 million. While reluctantly removing himself, the 89-year-old judge made an effort to claim that the words “hog” and “greedy” referred to the original claim and not Jordan himself.

In other Michael Jordan news, he was declared a billionaire by Forbes magazine.

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