Tuesday, June 10, 2014

LL Cool J & T.I. Make Hip-Hop History At The Tony Awards, The Pair Performed Alongside Host Hugh Jackman Last Night

Over the years, many music award shows have had their fair share of disputes with hip-hop artists, often avoiding including rap segments into their broadcasts.

In the '90s, both Will Smith and Jay-Z boycotted the Grammys for not airing hip-hop based categories, while Kanye West has of course repeatedly had his war of words with the MTV Video Music Awards. 

However, as these shows continue to progress and diversify, hip-hop regenerates its significance on tremendous pop culture platforms, including last night's Tony Awards. 

Ten years ago, the average viewer would’ve never contemplated a hip-hop performance during the world’s most celebrated Broadway award show. But last night, hip-hop made history with a performance at Radio City Music Hall at The 2014 Tonys, as LL Cool J and T.I. served as the first hip-hop acts to indue the genre into the famously conservative telecast.

Dressed in fitted suits, The G.O.A.T. and the King of the South had everyone on their feet and their hands in the air as they rapped along with host Hugh Jackman, as he delineated his first experience auditioning as a young'n for a role in The Music Man. 

Hugh earns cool points for being a phenomenal host and shaking things up, while T.I. and LL get props for reminding us why they've remained versatile trail blazers in the game. 


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