Monday, June 23, 2014

Omarion’s Baby Mama Exposed At Baby Shower – NO PANTIES SHEER DRESS

R&B singer and actor Omarion doesn't seem to mind that his wife-to-be, who he got to know from being at a strip club, bares her private parts for all to see. But maybe the soon-to-be mama and papa have gone too far. 

At Apryl Jones’ recent baby shower, her dress was so sheer that you could see her private parts, not just her baby belly. 

The gown was designed by House of Miliani, but we wonder if the designer intended it to be worn without panties! 

The couple has already announced on Instagram that the baby is a boy and is due later this month. 

Also due later this month is Omarion’s new CD, called “Sex Playlist.”

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