Monday, June 16, 2014

Rapper Eve Weds Maximillion Cooper in Ibiza

Grammy-award winning rapper Eve is now a married woman. The Philadelphia native reportedly tied the knot over the weekend in sunny Ibiza, Spain to British designer and Gumball 3000 Motor Rally race founder and CEO Maximillion Cooper. This marks Eve’s first marriage and Cooper’s second.

Eve and Cooper celebrated their happy day exchanging vows on the beach surrounded by close family and friends. The bride wore a beautiful Alice Temperly bridal gown and the groom declared his love for his betrothed saying how happy he is to make Eve his wife.

Engaged since last year, 35-year-old Eve, whose legal name is Eve Jeffers met 41-year-old Maximillion Cooper back in 2010 at his annual Gumball 3000 Motor Rally and they have been together ever since. Eve has been titled by those connected with the Motor Rally Race as the “First Lady of Gumball.” The couple was engaged in Edinburgh, Scotland over the Christmas holiday last year.

Rapper and hip-hop artist Eve first came on the music scene in 1999 with her unique sound and quick rap lyrics from her d├ębut album Let There Be Eve..Ruff Ryders’ First Lady and it became an instant hit. The musical diva would follow-up on the immense success of her first album with the recording project called Scorpion that included the international crossover hit single Let Me Blow Ya Mind, a collaboration with No Doubt front singer Gwen Stefani that was produced by Dr. Dre.

While Eve’s rap career would wane over the years as the music industry went through a shift in musical styles, Eve would segue and find equal success in the world of film in television. The rapper-turned-actress starred in her very own sitcom entitled Eve, which ran for three seasons on the UPN network and would find film work in projects like xXx with Vin Diesel and a role in the Barbershop movie franchise produced and starring fellow rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube. Eve would also have a dramatic role opposite Kevin Bacon in the Lee Daniels feature film The Woodsman.

Now newly married, Eve is also stepping into the new role of being the stepmother to Maximillion Cooper’s four young children from a previous relationship. The Gumball 3000 Motor Rally, which is a 3000 mile race that takes place over 13 countries, takes place on public roads and must be completed in seven days and Cooper is credited for creating one of the most celebrated race car events in the world. Originally from Staffordshire, England, along with his endeavors with the race car industry, Maximillion Cooper is also an entrepreneur and a noted fashion designer with a reported net worth estimated at $50 million.

The couple both admit that neither had ever been involved in interracial relationships in the past and say that they are proof positive that love will show up in people and places you least expect. As for kids of their own, Eve has mentioned, in earlier interviews, that while she never thought she would be one to have children, she is not opposed to the idea of having babies with Cooper.

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