Friday, June 13, 2014

TD Jakes Gets Minister Dragged Out Of His Church For Writing Expose About Tithes

Even though this happened in 2013, this story is very interesting and is making the rounds in Christian media.

Author David Lee Richardson once served as a minister at Pastor TD Jakes’ The Potter House, one of America’s well-known mega churches. 

After serving more than 20 years in his position at the church, Richardson found himself ceremoniously booted out of his place of worship once word got around that he was writing a public warning Christians about the biblical truths about tithe-paying.

Of course, news like that will offend a pastor who makes millions off his ministries, but I am very much interested in what this brotha has to say.

Source: All Christian News
David Lee Richardson was once a proud member of The Potters House, the church run by famed pastor TD Jakes. Richardson is also the author of the book, “The Sunday Morning Stickup: What your pastor doesn't want you to know about Tithes.”

In the video conversation below, Richardson says that his book was not received well by Bishop Jakes and the leadership in the church. He says that, based on the cover alone, he was escorted and physically removed from the church at the Bishop’s request. He claims that his book was considered so dangerous and so revealing, that it was seen to be a threat to those who are getting wealthy by
running their churches.

Richardson says that the experience was humiliating for him, since he was taken out of the church in front of his two small children. He also says that he was stripped of his ministerial license at the church as well during a private meeting. He says that his kids were traumatized by what they saw happen to their father.

Richardson says that police told him that he could never come back to the church without the threat of being arrested. He asked the officers why he was being banned from the church and claims that the officer told him that he’d been lied to, and that the police were allegedly used by church leadership to get rid of him.

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