Monday, June 9, 2014

Teens Rent $240,000 Sports Car And A $12 Million home Using Stolen Credit Card

Two Santa Rosa, Ca. teens were arrested by police this week after being pulled over in an orange McLaren sports car valued at $240,000. The two apparently rented the car for $13,000 with a stolen credit card, with which they also rented a $12 million vacation home in Glen Ellen for $27,000.

Mohannad Halaweh and Nhimia Kahsay, both 19, were arrested by police without incident. According to police, the car they were pulled over in was reported stolen. 

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Halaweh was arrested on suspicion of possessing stolen property and credit card fraud; his bail was set at $100,000. Kahsay was arrested on outstanding fraud warrants and is expected to face additional charges in connection with the most recent incident, Raasch said. His bail was set at $60,000.

Halaweh has a history of using fraudulently obtained credit cards. Earlier this year, he tried to buy 14 iPhones and two laptops with a fake credit card. 

According to the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat:

Halaweh was reportedly on his way back from a court date for a previous brush with the law when he was arrested Wednesday. In March, he was arrested in Berkeley on suspicion of using a fake credit card to try to purchase $10,000 of merchandise at an Apple Store.

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