Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Video: Armed Robbers Point Gun At Female Gamer - As Thousands Watch Her Webcam Online

Gaming star Nikki Elise was showcasing her skills by allowing spectators to view her on a webcam when two men with handguns broke into her home

The terrifying moment two armed gunmen burst into the home of a top female gamer was captured on webcam - while THOUSANDS watched her playing online.

The alarming footage shows Nikki - who uses the gamer tag Sajedene - leave her computer after hearing a sound and a mystery figure holding a pistol walk in front of the screen.

Despite living in Arizona, Sajedene's chilling home invasion was viewed all over the world, as her popular Twitch - a gamer live-streaming service - was being viewed by thousands.

Police were quickly alerted to the 5am raid thanks to a follower in Europe who contacted another friend in the US who in turn called local cops.

They arrested one man and are hunting a second.

One viewer was 19-year-old Brit Josh Arnold, who tuned at around 1pm UK time on Monday to see the shocking raid.

Josh, a chef from Hull, said: "I often watch her play, because she's one of the best. I had just turned her Twitch on when she suddenly went afk - away from the keyboard.

"Then all of a sudden I saw this bloke walk past with a gun in his hand. It was terrifying. I didn't know what to do - I felt so helpless.

"If I had known where she lived, I would have called the local police. I was terrified."

During the 15 minutes Sajedene's webcam was live after the start of the raid, two men are seen several times wandering in front of the screen, carrying guns and other items.

The screen then goes black as the webcam was disconnected before the entire stream ends as the computer is unplugged.

Josh added: " She could have been dead for all I knew. It was like something out of a horror film."

Police in Tempe, Arizona confirmed two men broke into a home at around
5am local time on Monday.

They took weapons and other valuables from the home before fleeing the
scene as officers arrived.

Sajedene is one of the world's top players of Dota 2 - Defense of the Ancients
2 - one of the most popular competitive fantasy games, where players control
avatars and wage war against other humans.

She lives with her gamer boyfriend, known as SUNSfan, and describes herself
on Twitter as a "Sniper princess. Arcade addict. Gamer forever."

She later posted a Facebook message confirming she had been the victim of
a robbery and that she was okay.

She wrote: "Thank you for the kind outpouring of love and support for
SUNSfan and me right now. It means the world that we (and both cats) are

"It was a very scary situation to be in - especially knowing we were not the
originally intended target, and how much worse it could have been if it were
not for our friends from around the world who acted quickly to get the police

"A big thank you especially to Ace, Neil, Spawn, CyborgMatt, and anyone else
I may have regretfully missed who acted quickly - especially since our own
neighbors DID NOT call anyone.

"We owe you our love and gratitude and life."

She explained the two gunmen burst into her home looking for someone else,
and demanded the homeowners lie on the floor while they stole all the
valuables they could find.

Tempe Police spokesperson Sgt Steve Carbajal confirmed they had arrested
a 27-year-old man and were still hunting a second suspect.

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