Sunday, July 6, 2014

Biggest Boobs In Britain Woman ‘Can’t Clap’

Meet Debbie Delamar – the proud owner of Britain’s biggest fake breasts. The 34-year-old’s 30KKs are so engorged she finds it hard to clap. 

Each of 5ft Debbie’s breasts contains 2.6 pints of silicone. The factory worker-turned glamour model, from Brecon in south Wales, had her first boob job aged 28, jumping from 30DD to 30FF. 

‘It was never intentional to be the biggest in Britain, but it just sort of happened,’ said the mother of two. 

‘They don’t really get in the way anymore as I have adapted to them, but the first time they did was when I was at a concert with my daughters. 

‘I went to clap my hands and I realised I couldn’t anymore.’


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