Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chris Brown's Neighbour Makes It Clear That The Rapper Is Not Welcome After Renting New Mansion - 'I'll Shoot Him!'

Chris Brown if you need a cup of sugar, do not go next door.

While the rapper has had his fair share of run-ins with his neighbours in the past, his new one is making it clear - the 25-year-old is free to do anything he wants as long as he never steps on to his neighbour's property.

After multiple issues at two separate Hollywood homes, the Loyal singer has made the move out of Los Angeles to something a little more out of the way but, according to TMZ, his reputation precedes him.

The embattled pop star has been trying to move to Malibu after putting his Hollywood Hills home on the market late last year.

With the star finally selling his Hollywood Hills property last month for $1.69 million - less than its over $1.9 million asking price but still more than he paid for it in 2012 - and also offloading his massive West Hollywood penthouse in April for $1.6 million, Chris has rented a mansion to tied him over.

The Agoura house has space for 75 cars in its drive and the singer and rapper Tyga showed the special ones get the garage this week

Still on the hunt for a Malibu home - an area where most homes start at the $3 million he has from his last two - TMZ reports the star snapped up a sprawling estate in Agoura, an area outside of Los Angles near the Malibu boarder, in the San Fernando Valley.

While the house and the surrounding grounds are huge and ready to party, Chris better keep himself, and his guests, within its 8,000-square-foot confines as his neighbour made it clear on TMZ there will be now community parties any time soon.

Bye, bye Hollywood: The rapper last month sold his Hollywood Hills property for $1.69 million after living there just two years
The unnamed neighbour told the website he is fine with what the former boyfriend Rihanna wants to do in his own house - including all-in sexual romps - as long as he does not come on his land.

The man told TMZ: 'It can be the devil. I can care less [who lives there].

'I don't care if they're having orgies. It can even be Saddam Hussein for all I care, as long as he doesn't trespass onto my property. If he does, I shoot him.'

While having the person who lives next to you threatening to shoot you may seem like a very frosty introduction to the neighbourhood, saying it does not matter what happens in the house is basically dropping over a welcome basket to Chris.

The Look At Me Now star has never been the most popular person on the block in his last homes.

At his Hollywood Hills house, his decision to graffiti the outside in his now signature style with large monster characters caused outrage amongst many living in the area, who claimed it was against the neighbourhood's code and was scary to children.

High rise hell: The 25-year-old also ran into trouble at his West Hollywood penthouse and sold that in April for a reported $1.6 million
That was nothing compared to how his fellow condo owners felt about the star while he lived in his sprawling top floor West Hollywood condo.

Those neighbours all but run him out of the luxury unit block, complaining about late night parties, using disabled parking spots and vandalism.

Chris - who was recently released from prison for violating his probation - will have plenty of party space at his new pad.

The large Agoura home features views of the surrounding valley, a swimming pool complete with a diving board, a tennis court, enough space for 75 cars according to TMZ, as well as a clubhouse.

And helping him stay away from his neighbour, the six bedroom mansion also has plenty of stuff indoors to keep him occupied and away from the property lines.

The house includes a bar currently fashioned as an ice cream shop, a billiards room and a dance studio.
While his last home was the definition of modern minimalism, the rental property has a bit of a kitsch flare including unusual pillars designed to look like palm trees throughout the house.

While quite a commute from Hollywood, Chris will be able to have a few famous friends over as living nearby includes Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez and, now that they have patched up their long-running war, Drake.

Close by: Kylie Jenner, right, lives in Calabasas near to Chris' new home so she can be expected to join the party, as she and her his sister Kendall as well as Trey Songz did on Saturday

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