Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Claire Leeson Spent $30,000 To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's style does not come cheap. Just ask 24-year-old Claire Leeson, who freely admits to spending thousands of dollars to look like the reality star.

The Essex, England resident revealed she's spent an estimated $30,000 on breast implants, hair extensions, spray tans, makeup and clothing to emulate the 33-year-old star. Appearing on ITV's "This Morning" on July 14, Leeson explained that the extreme measures she's taken to look more like Kardashian were done in an attempt to gain self-confidence after being bullied as a teen.

"I've had my teeth whitened, then I wanted my boobs enhanced ... and with pictures [of Kardashian] explained to my surgeon that I wanted to look like this," she told "This Morning" hosts Ruth Langsford and Ben Shephard. "I also wear bum padding -- it's a silicone base. Pants with silicone inside." 

Leeson says the pads "feel very real" but is planning on having surgery to increase the size of her backside, because "my bum is never going to be as big as Kim's is," she said. 

Leeson apparently became obsessed with Kardashian after friends told her she resembled the reality star. 

"So I watched [the show] and realized I had the same amount of siblings and that we have the same kind of arguments and things going on," she explained. "I thought she was so beautiful and I really wanted to be like her." 

Whatever Leeson's reasons for wanting to look just like Kardashian, it's come at quite the price -- and not one she can actually afford. The wannabe look-alike admitted during her interview on "This Morning" that she is in debt "up to [her] eyeballs" and has received threatening letters from creditors. Still, it's not enough to deter her from her dream of looking like Kardashian. 

"I work, my job doesn’t pay enough … I’ve used credit cards to pay for everything. I’m in major debt. I say that I’m going to pay them but as soon as money comes in I just think about getting my Kimmy on," she explained, adding: 

"When I get my Kimmy on I feel like I’m unstoppable and untouchable and I feel like no one can stop me and I can make something of myself. I feel strong … and I feel that I have built enough confidence to love myself a little bit more.” 

Of course, Leeson is hardly the first person to go to such measures to look like a celebrity. She would do well to befriend the 30-year-old woman who spent $25,000 on surgery to look more like Jennifer Lawrence and the 33-year-old man who spent $100,000 to look more like Justin Bieber.

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