Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Clayton Kershaw Attempts to Knock Apple off Jimmy Kimmel's Head with Baseball

Monday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live featured two baseball players. The first, Josh Murray, was the winner of The Bachelorette and he received the final rose and proposed to Andi Dorfman (she said yes.) The second was some fella by the name of Clayton Kershaw and he threw a baseball at Jimmy Kimmel's head:

Well, more accurately, he threw "baseballs" at an apple that was resting on Kimmel's head. The Dodgers ace sat down with Kimmel discussing the creativity and passion with which Giants fans heckle him at AT&T Park, how insufferable he is on days when he's pitching, and his heartbreaking ping-pong tournament loss to Brian Wilson and Drew Butera back in Spring Training.

To confirm their newfound friendship, Kimmel put an apple on his head and allowed Kershaw to wind up and knock it off with soft baseballs, as is customary in blossoming Hollywood bromances. Kershaw clunks Kimmel with the first pitch and whiffs on two more before hitting the host square in the face. The apple fell on impact.

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