Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ginuwine Implies That His Child Is A Stripper On Instagram - Wife, Solé Goes Off After Him ‘He Needs Help!’

 Speaking of parental disputes, Ginuwine was recently called out on Twitter by his wife, Solé, after he demonstrated extremely poor judgement on social media site Instagram. The father of five uploaded an image of his teen daughter surrounded by singles and five dollar bills and proceeded to imply that she had been working as an exotic dancer in the caption.

“My daughter just came in should I be asking so [sic] questions!?????” he wrote.

He then reposted the photo with another caption that reads:

“Man I gta stay home more this is getting catastrophic.”

Shortly after seeing his post, Solé took to Twitter to defend her daughter and to slam her husband for his twisted sense of humor.
“That was NOT my daughters money that @Ginuwine posted.. It was HIS & his sick idea of a joke..Been trying to keep silent but he needs help,” she tweeted.

“I’ve remained silent but my child will not be publicly humiliated by a sick joke by some1 whos [sic] judgement is impaired”

We definitely can’t blame her for wanting to defend their daughter. Thoughts?



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