Thursday, July 10, 2014

Is This Africa’s Version Of Beyoncé? [Video]

Living in an era where auto-tune and a catchy hook are all that it takes to put out noteworthy music, we are always appreciative of thoughtful lyrics and actual talent.

LIRA is a soulful South African artist with four multi-platinum albums under her belt—making her South Africa’s highest selling act. Now, she’s preparing to grace the United States with her first U.S. tour and new album, “Rise Again.”

Interestingly, LIRA has been dubbed as the “Beyoncé of Africa,” which not only speaks to her amazing talent, but also her laundry list of achievements as “South Africa’s top adult contemporary artist.” But venturing into the international market is not merely a career-driven decision for the singer, who considers herself “an ambassador of the new Africa.” It is also a way to propel “her fellow artists to the world stage.”

“We’re proud of being African, but there’s also a desire to be a part of the world,” says LIRA. “Part of the way we can raise the consciousness back home is when people see us rise on the world stage. We don’t do it for the individual, we do it for the entire group.”

Check out footage of LIRA performing her popular single, “Feel Good,” Above Do you think the “Beyoncé of Africa” title is fitting?


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